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Local Control & Accountability Plan & Single Plans for Student Achievement

To ensure student success and remain compliant with local, state and federal law, the district regularly updates the following plans:

What is LCAP  Video

LCAP Plan Summary


State Indicators

Chronic Absenteeism
Suspension Rate
English Learner Progress
English Language Arts


Local Indicators

Basics (Teachers, Instructional Materials, Facilities)
Implementation of Academic Standards
Parent Engagement
Local Climate Survey


Santa Maria Bonita School Districts performance can be found on the  California School Dashboard. The Dashboard is an online tool that shows how local educational agencies and schools are performing on the state and local indicators included in California's school accountability system.
CA School Dashboard

Goal 1- Provide effective district and schoolwide support systems, procedures, processes, materials and practices that support student learning.

1.1 - 1.20 Actions and Services


Goal 2 - Develop and enhance programs and services that support English Language Learners becoming proficient in all academic areas.

2.1 - 2.16 Actions and Services


Goal 3 - Maintain a safe, secure healthy and positive learning environment for all students and staff.

3.1 - 3.14 Actions and Services


Goal 4 - Create a culture of respect and caring that supports positive relationships among all stakeholders (Parents/Staff/Students/Community Members).

4.1 - 4.8 Actions and Services

We are here to prepare children to be successful citizens.

Rebecca Herrick
LCAP Coordinator
(805) 928-1783 x 8112
Dr. Tammie Castillo-Shiffer
Family Engagement &
Pupil Support Specialist
(805) 928-1783 x 8118
Nicole Duran
LCAP Secretary
(805) 928-1783 x 8108


Tammy Hinden
LCAP Account Technician &
Budget Control
(805) 928-1783 x 4622
Vangelis Garcia
District Community Liaison
(805) 928-1783 x 8117
Maria Cortez
District Community Liaison
(805) 928-1783 x 4619
Aida Hernandez-Garcia
District Community Liaison
(805) 928-1783 x 4618
Nancy Arellano
District Community Liaison
(805) 928-1783 x 4620