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For Our Teachers

In a Time of distance learning

Making Connections


SMBSD teachers have always been an immensely talented and committed educational community, and never has that been more evident than during this challenging time.  Thank you for the work you are doing to connect with your students; to let them know you care about them, and to provide interesting, challenging opportunities for them to continue their learning. 

To assist you as you continue this school year, here are some resources.


Teaching and Learning Resources

Please visit the Distance Learning website for information about the tools and curricular resources that our district has made available to teachers and students.


Professional Learning Opportunities

If you have questions about any of the learning resources above, please don't hesitate to ask them via the FAQ links at the bottom of each of the resource pages.  If you have an interest in additional professional learning, please reach out to your administrator, and be on the lookout for District-wide Online learning opportunities on this calendar.


Technology Assistance

The best way to get support for any of your tech needs is to call our tech hotline (805-361-8155, option #4) on Mondays through Fridays, between 8:30am and 2:30pm. You may also send an email with your specific need to


Human Resource Questions

If you have questions regarding employment, salaries, and other personnel issues, please visit the Human Resources pages.


Mark Muller
Assistant Superintendent, 
Instructional Services

Melissa Dutra
Teaching and Learning

Sarah Cameron 
Teaching and Learning