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ASES (After School Education and Safety)

Complete Registration Forms, click below for each form:

ASES Registration Form - English

Formulario de Inscripción de ASES - Spanish

*ASES Registration Forms must be submitted in person at the school office or the ASES District office. Due to registration forms requiring live signatures, copies of registration forms are not acceptable.

New for 2018-19

Registration will be open for students in grades first -eighth grade only. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten will not be placed.

Elementary check out time will begin at 5:45 every day. The intent of the ASES Grant is for students to be safe and to attend ASES from school dismissal to 6:00 PM. This includes minimum days, early out Thursdays, and parent/teacher conference weeks. Picking up students prior to 5:45 will require signing an Early Release Form and providing a reason for the early pick up.

ASES Sites & Phone Numbers

Adam (805) 249-0308
Alvin (805) 249-0390
Arellanes (805) 249-0393
Arellanes J.H. (805) 249-0399
Battles (805) 249-0400
Bonita (805) 249-0401
Bruce (805) 249-0406
El Camino J.H. (805) 249-0411
Fairlawn (805) 249-0414
Fesler J.H. (805) 249-0424
Jimenez (805) 260-0065
T. Kunst J.H. (805) 249-0425
Liberty (805) 249-0428
Miller (805) 249-0443
Oakley (805) 249-0453
Ontiveros (805) 249-0455
Rice (805) 249-0460
Sanchez (805) 249-0460
Taylor (805) 249-0466
Tunnell (805) 310-7392
Los Adobes de Maria (805) 310-8880

A.S.E.S. offers an After School Program at 21 sites in the Santa Maria Bonita School District.

 ASES provides a safe and engaging environment for its students. The program has an academic and enrichment focus based upon state of California academic content standards.

 The program begins at the end of the regular school day (site specific), running until 6:00 pm (6:30 for Junior High) and operates each day students are in session.

  The program will:

  • Maintain a student to staff ratio of 20:1

  • Provide an academic and enrichment component.

  • Monitor attendance to ensure student attendance meets a minimum of 15 hours per week for students in 1-6 and 9 hours per week for students in grades 7-8.

Families must submit enrollment paperwork each year regardless if they are currently enrolled. For 2018-19, registration will be conducted through a lottery process. Enrollment is limited. Children who register after initial program enrollment is reached will be placed on a waiting list. Families must be willing to make a commitment to meet a 15 hour per week requirement for students in grades 1-6 and 9 hours per week for grades 7 & 8.

Families interested in enrolling their son/daughter in the program may pick up a registration form at the front office of each school or at the District ASES office.

Students participating in the ASES program must follow the rules of the program.  Each student will sign the “Student Rules,” as stated in the ASES Handbook, the first day of the program.  Disruptive or disrespectful behavior to students and staff can lead to a student being removed from the program.  The Coordinator for ASES will meet with students and parents/guardians prior to a student being removed from the program.

Cell Phones: Students may not have cell phones out and or on during ASES. If students need to contact parents, they will use the ASES phone. We ask that parents call the ASES phone should they need to reach their son/daughter.

Homework time is scheduled daily and assistance is provided based on student needs.  The ASES staff will make every effort to assist students with the completion of homework but the ASES program does not guarantee that all homework will be completed.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss individual student needs with the ASES staff.

Per Board policy:

Grades 1 – 3  - homework should be approximately 30 minutes

Grades 4 – 6 -  homework should be approximately 1 hour

Grades 7 & 8 – homework should be approximately 1.5 hours

Under normal conditions, the check out process will begin after 5:45p.m., with the expectation that all students will be checked out no later than 6:00 p.m. (6:30 for Junior High). There will be occasions when your child will need to be released early due to appointments and/or other family obligations. Parents must make contact with the site coordinator and officially check out your child. The ASES program will be considerate to your needs when they arise and ask that these situations be the exception rather than the rule. 

There may be occasions when a student will need to arrive late due to special approved activities or events.  Students will check into ASES upon arrival at the program.

 Sports and religion classes:  Students attending sports and religion classes will be expected to meet the 15 hour/9 hour requirement, however, parent may submit an Early Release Calendar Contract for approved off-site activities.

(Board approved)

Robert Bergan
Coordinator, After School 
& Expanded Learning
(805)928-1783  x8218
Cynthia Parra 
(805)928-1783  x8240
Marilu Vega
(805) 928-1783 x8191